Have you tried turning it off and on again?

The first time I heard of KY having it’s own IT Coordinator, I was amazed. “Are you seriously saying that KY has a dedicated person for geeking around with IT and AV every day? And he (or she) actually gets paid for it?” Needless to say, I was sold right away. I sent the application with my Mursu mustache shivering, still with quite vague ideas of the actual job description.

Whatever my expectations were, KY both as an employer and a community has surpassed them all with ease. During the past eight months I’ve had the opportunity to work on interesting projects in co-operation with motivated and amusing people. The spectrum of my tasks has been even broader than I imagined, everything from your usual web development all the way to data analyzing and graphic design, the last not being mandatory though.

Through experience I would describe the work of the IT Coordinator through a simple pattern. The workflow is project-based with many routine tasks carried out alongside it. This allows for huge flexibility in prioritizing and scheduling. I might start working on a website in the morning, come across a devastating problem and move on to handling payments for a while to gather courage and calm my nerves. Other routine tasks include workstation and server management, administration in different services like G Suite, Resource calendar and our member register, and solving all kinds of more or less IT-related problems for our staff and volunteers. I also act as the secretary of the Academic Committee KOVA, which adds a nice touch of KY community stuff to the job.

Even though the IT Coordinator should always strive for statistics, facts and analyses, often the work is straight out mayhem. I have managed to crash almost every imaginable IT service at least once during my time here (apologies to those who got access denied when reading their keycard). I have ditched a date on a Saturday evening and headed my way to Alakertsi to fix a dead lighting system (they had unplugged a cable). The electric shock I once got could have been avoided, but hey, I fixed it myself and saved some money. The great thing about KY is, that we put a lot of trust into our people, and nobody is constantly watching over you and telling you what to do. Success is nice, but success through failure is ten times better.

Do you feel like being the next white knight of all things IT? Do PHP, TCP/IP and DMX sound at least familiar to you? And most of all, are you eager to learn on the job and develop KY’s IT services even further? Feel free to hit me up!

Saku Virtanen

IT Coordinator

saku.virtanen@kyweb.fi, 040 353 8277


The application period for KY Secretariat 2018-19 is open 3.-15.4.2018. Read more here and apply!