Solid Gold

It’s a foggy Friday forenoon, and I’m sipping my fifth cup of coffee of the day as I’m writing emails and making calls concerning the techniques, tickets and artist raiders of Wappukuntis. Other things at my work list today are organizing Valiokuntien lauluilta, making afterparty requests for NPG, member service at KY Building and getting the Hukkaputki afterparty at Apollo in condition. For me, this time of the year is somewhat about counting the days to the magical May Day eve. By the way, today’s number is 24.

Working in KY’s Cultural Sector is something you don’t do light hearted. I take my job very seriously, but let’s face it: I have had the best time of my life doing what I do. For me KY has always been about culture, from the first time I wiggled my tiny mursu mustaches in Alakertsi. My KY story started from Kulttuurijaosto KUJ, and then lead through clubs to Cultural Committee. And now we here.

Working as the Secretary for Cultural Affairs means I have gotten the chance to jump into doing things that would have not been possible in any other workplace. Take for example Mursujaiskuntis: just a few weeks into my new job as Kultsi, I would throw a party for almost a thousand people including various performers with different needs. These Kuntis-parties are my biggest responsibility, as it takes a lot of work to prepare one. The door of the Kuntis -venue is not the only place you can come say hi to me, since I’m also one of our three service secretaries. You can find me at Avo, sitting straight across the door when you walk in.

But for the culture to stay vibrant, it takes more than just me. Together with my partner in glitter, Halsu (some people call her Anna which is weird), we lead the Cultural Committee KUVA. It consists of 12 committee members and our three Sub-Committee chairmen. Halsu is the board member responsible culture, new students and volunteers. Working with her cannot be described as work, rather doing great things and having a blast with one of your best friends.

Working in the cultural field also means that I spend my days bundling with our volunteers. Especially Sub-Committees have become dear as I am the go-to person for them in any case they might need help or just my presence and support. Sub-Committees are the single biggest volunteer unit KY has, so it’s important they have someone to look after them. As “Sub-Committee mama” I have great responsibility in training them as well.

The important task in being Kultsi, is that I make sure everything on the Cultural Sector runs smoothly. I make sure that there are resources to keep culture alive, and I’m responsible for example budgeting and making payments.

The blog text you’re reading now is actually one of the most challenging tasks of today, because explaining briefly what I do is quite hard, as I could ramble on forever. This year has gone so fast it’s hard to believe. The memories I’ve gotten are golden and the experiences I’ve had I’m gonna cherish the rest of my life. KY truly is a workplace where you grow each and every day and, I’m not gonna lie, have the best time of your life.

If you have any questions regarding the job, or want to just chat about unicorns, feel free to contact me!

Marja Karvinen

Secretary for Cultural Affairs, 040 353 8276

The application period for KY Secretariat 2018-19 is open 3.-15.4.2018. Read more here and apply!