A mixture of singing, selling and socializing

First some facts about my job. The Sales Coordinator of KY is responsible for our corporate partners, working as the secretary for Sales Academy (the corporate relations committee) and being the multitasking link between companies and KY members. There are some routines in this job, but due to the constantly evolving (winner) sector, you mostly get to define your own work tasks and days. There are a lot of different choices to make but also a lot of responsibility – you develop both yourself and the corporate sector every single day as you go on. But the future of KY’s corporate cooperation lies not only on your shoulders, because you get to work closely with the KY Board member responsible for corporate relationships (currently the most amusing Iiro Halinen!!).

In addition to the bright minded working partner sitting in the same office corner with you, whole KY Office is filled with inspiring and awesome people you get to develop KY with every single day. Also the network of the old members of corporate sector is something you can rely on, and the oldies truly are goldies when it comes to developing your own selling skills or getting some (mostly encouraging) critique on something new and innovative you’ve come up with. There will also be some smaller projects and events (both good and bad ones), where you work closely with committee members and other actors of Aalto University. For me the best thing about this job has definitely been the people (both students and company representatives) I’ve encountered and had the privilege to get to know better.

And the singing? The corporate sector of KY is constantly evolving, but there is one tradition waiting for the new Sales Coordinator. The KY members who attended for example Kevään lauluilta probably know what kind of singing I’m talking about, but let’s just say that after a year in the corporate sector you will know by heart that it is possible to sail in lingonberry jam.

It is impossible to sum up all the challenges, memories and (un)success stories to one blog post, so please give me a call and I’ll gladly tell you more.

Aura Hemminki

Sales Coordinator

aura.hemminki@kyweb.fi, 040 353 8282

The application period for KY Secretariat 2018-19 is open 3.-15.4.2018. Read more here and apply!