In addition to the premises offered, KY’s associations and volunteers are also offered various services and other resources that they can use. Please note that these services are provided for KY Clubs, not for Other Clubs. 

Club Lockers

Club lockers are located in the basement of the KY Building and require an electronic keycard for access. The lockers aren’t huge but can be used to store drinks, accounting, print materials, etc. If your association would like a club locker, contact the Secretary for Clubs and Societies to inquire for free lockers.

Due to limited space, Espilä doesn’t have separate club lockers - however, if you have a reservation at Saha, you can use the short-term cabinets to store items such as decorations or wine glasses.

Mailboxes and Packages

Each club can choose to have their mail delivered to the KY Building or Espilä (or which ever address they wish to use). However, each association is still responsible for their own mail and hence, the name of the association must be clearly printed on all bills and other mail! We recommend that you use the format, below:

Association’s name and name of recipient
C/O KY ry
Konemiehentie 4, 02150 ESPOO or Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21 B 3. Krs, 00100 Helsinki

The mailboxes in Töölö are located on the third floor and the ones in Espilä are in the corridor outside Avokonttori. Remember to empty out these mailboxes consistently!

If your association is expecting bigger packages or deliveries, it’s your responsibility to inform the deliverer that the package must arrive during service hours (unless you’re personally there to pick it up).

KY Van

KY’s associations can book the KY van on the electronic resource calendar for a kilometer allowance (0,42 eur / km in 2018). The van can be driven with a normal B driver’s license, but remember that each driver must fill in the van permit before sitting behind the wheel! The van must be picked up from and returned to Espilä (unless otherwise agreed with service secretaries). KY Van's parking place is the first lot when driving to the parking lot. Remember to also check the condition of the van before and fill in the drive log after using the van. If you need to fill up the tank, remember to use diesel and bring the receipt to one of the service secretaries for a refund.

Wholesale Card

If you need to buy food or related items in bulk, stop by Espilä or Töölö to borrow the wholesale card which grants you access to Heinon Tukku! Note that the card is a cash card, so each association is, naturally, responsible for making their own purchases. The cards can’t be reserved in advance and must be returned at latest the following day. There’s one card in Espilä and one in Töölö.

IT Services and Copy Codes

Each association has their own copy code, allowing them to use KY’s printers and photocopy machines in the KY  Building or Espilä. If you’re not sure what your code is, contact the IT Coordinator. If your association doesn’t have an “”-email address but would like one, you can also contact the IT Coordinator for one (using the address also gives you license to use Google Apps services).

Other Resources

KY also has other resources that can be booked on the resource calendar - these include two portable microphones, a camera set, a portable projector, a full-range speaker set (including speakers, stands, mixer and accessory case), an engine generator (clubs must buy their own 95 E10 gasoline), a bluetooth speaker, coat check tags, a handheld recorder, a streaming device, a gopro and a stabilizer. All equipment must be borrowed from and returned to Espilä, unless otherwise agreed with service secretaries.