Project Teams

There are several different project teams at KY – but don’t let the name fool you! In addition to some of the biggest event projects of KY, these teams are also responsible for organizing tutoring for new students and planning activities tailored particularly for specific student groups, amongst others.

Annual Ball Committee

The Annual Ball is the most traditional event at KY: the celebration of KY’s long history. However, every Annual Ball is the creation of the team organizing it and therefore unique. This crown jewel of KY has introduced KY members to the elegant side of life for example at the Finlandia Hall; in 2018 the ball was completed with a glamorous afterparty beneath the sparkling chandeliers of Kappeli.

The Annual Ball Committee is led by its chairman, and other roles in the committee include responsibility for decorations, invitations, corporate relations and location, for example. The KY Annual Ball takes place at the end of February. Members for the committee are chosen during autumn, usually in October.


EnerKY consists of KY’s sport tutors, who are a part of the KY Sports and Wellbeing Sector and also work in cooperation with AYY and Unisport. EnerKY’s mission is to inspire KY members to try out new sports and to have fun together while staying active. This small but effective group works together seamlessly, coming up with an abundance of new ideas to get students moving. In the past these sport tutors have arranged for example weekly running meets, crossfit and climbing try-out as well as basketball games.

What sport would you like to try next?