Communications Channels

Kyweb is the flagship of KY’s communications. Here you can find relevant and up-to-date information on KY and its history, in addition to contact information, benefits, blogs etc. Always remember to add your event to Kyweb’s event calendar.

All of KY's associations should have been given login details for adding events on Kyweb. If you can’t remember your details, you can always ask KY's PR and Press Officer.


Broadcasting KY spirit through content that interests KY members, e.g. events, career/job opportunities, unique courses and so on. KY’s main channel for informing one another. Remember to let everyone know what you’re planning around KY: Create an event on Facebook and share it on KY Events or KY Career, and join the discussion on KY Today.

Page: KY - Aalto University Business Students

Groups: Posts only in English even if the target group is Finnish speaking. We want to make sure everyone is able to understand and join discussion if they wish to do so.

KY Events: Events by KY’s associations, teams and committees, apart from career events and excursions. Discussing culture and sports related matters as well as recreational matters and informing about these.

KY Career: Discussing work and career-related matters and informing about them. Career events and excursions by KY’s associations. Announcements by KY’s partners (only posted by KY staff and subject clubs). Entrepreneurship of KY’s members.

KY Today: Discussing matters related to KY - no event marketing on this channel, please! Discussing matters related to studying such as premises, teaching arrangements or interdisciplinary / special courses and informing about them. Enquiries and polls related to studies or by KY associations. General news and announcements from the KY office, such as recruiting to KY teams or committees, opening hours of the office, etc.

Instagram @ky_1911

A snapshot of what’s happening around KY: events, “behind the scenes”, KY’s associations’ pictures... Remember to tag KY in your picture and it might get reposted!

Snapchat @ky_1911

Real-time pictures and videos of KY members’ daily life (and perhaps a little celebration). Follow to get into the spirit even when you are unable to attend the events!


Page: KY - Aalto University Business Students. Add your experience at KY to your profile. Follow to connect with your network.

Group: KY Alumni. Sharing information relative to our alumni, creating an alumni network.

Flickr KY ry

All the best pictures from KY and our subcommittees’ events. Try to find yourself toasting on Wappu morning or having a blast at the Annual Ball three years ago!