Bouncing around KY with clubs

You might have heard this once or twice before, but it is a point I need to start with. KY is a workplace like no other. It is more than true as I get to experience and get surprised by it daily. I’ve had early mornings starting with a smoothie, long days workshopping and evenings dancing at Alakertsi. What continues from day to day are the amazing and inspiring people I get to work with. It is not only limited to sometimes way-too-crazy colleagues (or should I say friends?) as I’m privileged to work closely with our volunteers as well.

So, what do I do? “You sit at Espilä, help lost volunteers and make coffee” is how one volunteer described my job. Well, that’s correct! My table is located at the heart of Espilä (Avokonttori), my main responsibility is to be here for our clubs and I love coffee! But what does this mean in practice? Let’s see what I did yesterday to get a hunch!

9-9.30 Weekly meeting with the whole office

9.30-10 Updating KY’s Association register

10-11 Working with small tasks: answering emails, updating checklists, brainstorming unofficially at Avo about things X, Y, Z

11.30 Lunch <3

11.30-14.00 Writing and sending Club Mail (“Monday Mail for Clubs”)

14-16 Sketching this and searching for the perfect pictures

16-17 From Otaniemi to KY! Preparing for Club Forum

17-18 Club Forum (meeting a few clubs to hear how they are)

From my point of view, yesterday presents quite well what Secretary for Clubs and Societies does. My main task is to be here for our volunteers and especially guarantee that our associations have all they need. This includes informing our associations regularly (Club Mail), meeting them face-to-face (Club Forums), taking care of keys and club lockers and helping them with (almost) anything. And the best is, I get to share all of this with my work pair Emilia (KY Board member responsible for community and sports & wellbeing). In addition to sharing a table with her, we develop our sector to be even brighter and better for all volunteers. Since KY wants to provide our members the best student experience and our associations are at the center of making it happen, continuous development is one of the keywords in our sector. For me it means thinking how to support our associations better and in overall, what can KY offer them.

Besides taking care of our amazing clubs, I’m the secretary of always-so-fresh LiHy. This means having a dashing Adidas track jacket, supporting the members of the committee and making sure that the committee stays within the given budget. I’m also one of the three helpful service secretaries. So, if you lost your KY Scarf during a long night, are eager to learn more songs from KY’s songbook or just want to know where to find coffee, we are here for you!

After all the fine words, I want to be honest. Even at KY, life is not always a bed of roses. Some days are harder than others and not every day is full of uncontrollable laughter. Still, the good days, amazing people you get meet and work with, the boundaries you get to push yourself into – those are the moments that make this year so remarkable.

Silla Aaltonen

Secretary for Clubs and Societies, 040 353 8285

The application period for KY Secretariat 2018-19 is open 3.-15.4.2018. Read more here and apply!