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Solid Gold

It’s a foggy Friday forenoon, and I’m sipping my fifth cup of coffee of the day as I’m writing emails and making calls concerning the techniques, tickets and artist raiders...

Behind @ky_1911

A job in a student organization? Whenever I tell someone I work at my student organization, they get slightly confused and ask if I get paid for it. KY indeed...

New tutors have been selected!

Tutors for new bachelor's, open uni, exchange and master's mursus coming next fall have been selected. We had a huge amount of applicants and best of them were selected. Congratulations to all of...

KY Office closed over Easter

KY Offices both in Töölö and Espilä will be closed on Friday, March 30th due to Good Friday (pitkäperjantai) and Monday, April 2nd due to Easter Monday (toinen pääsiäispäivä). Also, KY's Legal Advisor will...