KY Blazer

KY Blazer is an essential piece of a Kylteri’s wardrobe. Fittings are held yearly and will be informed beforehand. You should consider the blazer as a lifelong investment: not only will you wear it to every second event during your years at KY, but also every single Vappu to come after you have to stop wearing your overalls. Can’t think of a better deal. Further details of the blazer are explained below.

Tailored by Turo

Price: 250 €, paid in two shares

When to order: yearly fittings (informed beforehand)

With help of the clothing company Turo, every detail of the blazer have been brutally inspected. Instead of the traditional embroidered logo, we chose to use small details to tie in the KY traditions. The most important detail are the golden buttons with the KY symbol. The lining inside also has custom golden details. The legendary green fabric has been upgraded to Italian Marlene Super 100 wool, one of the finest fabrics available, and to a much deeper shade that simply looks amazing. Turo added a timeless wide lapel and their signature cuts. Finally, the blazer is topped off with half-lining, reserved only for the most exclusive suits.

The blazer is available in several fits (B and C) for both genders. We were also adamant that all the same features are made into the female cut, making this one of the highest quality blazers for women that money can buy. The result is a blazer that is both elegant and fit for everyday use. It reflects many of KY’s goals: to be strong but humble and to be one, unified KY.

See more pictures of the blazer here.