Behind @ky_1911

A job in a student organization?

Whenever I tell someone I work at my student organization, they get slightly confused and ask if I get paid for it. KY indeed is a very unique workplace, since not many student organizations have paid employees. At KY you get to work with your fellow students and truly congenial people, which makes you rather a family than a work community. Countless outbursts of laughter at Avokonttori, parties continuing until the break of dawn and seeing the results of your own work are just a fraction of the reasons this year has been so unforgettable.

A mixture of routines and controlled chaos

However, this actually is work, so what does the typical work day of KY’s PR & Press Officer look like? The (slightly clichéd) answer is: there is none. My job includes some routines, like starting each week by collecting all the events and happenings at KY together and writing our weekly newsletter, Monday Mail. Also, this year we launched Monday Stories, which is basically a sum up of Monday Mail on Instagram. On the other hand, my daily routines include going through KY’s social media channels and administering them, so staying alert is important. Nevertheless, you could say most of the time my job is a controlled chaos since I’m dealing with different running errands and making sure the big picture stays on the right path. 

The grammar police of KY

Mastering both Finnish and English is especially important in my job, since I have to spot even the smallest grammar mistakes (also the ones I do myself) when editing and proofreading different texts. Although editing other people’s texts is a big part of my job, I also get to execute my own ideas and produce content myself for example in KY’s Instagram. Together with Elettra, KY Board member responsible for communications, we throw around ideas to improve KY’s communications continuously. I also hold trainings and offer my helping hand to KY volunteers when they have questions considering communications. The PR & Press Officer has a couple of bigger projects to edit during the year: the Annual Report of KY and KY Guide, which is a booklet filled with information about KY and gives our new mursus their first touchpoint to their student organization. 

More than communications

Nevertheless, communications is not everything I do. I am also honoured to work as the secretary of KY’s committee for masters, Masters’ Club. Leading the committee together with Marko, the chairman of Masters’ Club and KY Board member responsible for masters has sure been a lot of fun! I am also one of the three service secretaries, which means that I get to meet our lovely members and volunteers on a daily basis and help them with anything on their mind.  

Reflecting the past year, working at KY has taught me a lot, both regarding communications and other skills. The supportive atmosphere here gives me the freedom to execute even the wildest ideas and do things in the way I think is best, which is really rewarding. In the end, I think no words will be enough to describe this experience, you have to live it!

If you have any questions regarding the job, feel free to contact me! 

Iida Suhonen

PR & Press Officer, 040 353 8279

The application period for KY Secretariat 2018-19 is open 3.-15.4.2018. Read more here and apply!