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Service hours on week 3

KY Office will be exceptionally closed on 15.-17.1.2019. The Office is normally open on Monday 14th (Espilä at 13-17) and Friday 18th (KY Building at 15-17). Please note this change in...

KY Committees 2019

KY committees for the year 2019 have been elected. Congratulations for all the new committee members! Next year will be spectacular! Academic Affairs Committee, KOVA (Heikki Helaniemi) Niko Ylä-Poikelus Jaakko Kivistö ...

The new Annual Ball Committee has been chosen!

The new Annual Ball Committee has been selected! This awesome team will be in charge of making KY’s 108th birthday look more fabulous than ever: Arttu Lääkkölä, Chairman Aleksi Romakkaniemi Iida Suhonen Aksel Hermanson Nelli...

Frank App with the KY Sticker

As notified earlier, Frank App does not support KY Sticker anymore. This has caused problems for many of our members and to ease this situation, you can now get the...