71C01000 Management Communication

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  1. This course serves as an intermediate course after the mandatory course ’business communication’, and is one of the best communication courses I’ve ever taken so far. Although the duration is short, you will learn much knowledge in management communication. Besides, the lecturer is an excellent communicator in his own right, so the credibility of the course is incredible.

    This course is a great one to fill up your language studies, if you are struggling to find one 😀

    Tri Tran | 20.5.2014 @ 14:20
  2. This course is very useful and the lecturer – Baker is great. He will give you very detailed feedback to your exercises and help you improve in business communications. The course is 6 cr in 6 weeks so the workload is comparable to other course. A bit heavier since you have to prepare a lot. But anyway it’s still a very course.

    KY Economics | 24.5.2014 @ 20:16
  3. I took this course in Jan-Feb 2014 and liked it a lot. Got some good practice for my presentation skills and the teacher Mr. Baker gave us feedback throughout the course which helped us improve and immediately learn from out mistakes. The course includes quite a lot of assignments so don’t assume that you can just sail through without any effort. I was ”lucky” since Mr. Baker decided to drop one of the assignments (due to one lecture being cancelled because of religious holidays) when I took the course, so there was a bit less work to do than there normally would have been. All in all I feel that the course is definitely worth taking because it really is quite useful for everyone.

    Acti | 25.5.2014 @ 17:10
  4. Kurssi kÀyty kevÀÀllÀ 2013. Oli hyödyllinen kielen harjoittelun kannalta, mutta joka melkeinpÀ joka viikko oli jotain palautettavia tehtÀviÀ ja vei yllÀttÀvÀn paljon aikaa. Erityinen plussa siitÀ, ettÀ sai harjoitella esiintymistÀ englannin kielellÀ, sillÀ kurssilla oli yksi presentaatio ja yksi yksilöpuhe.

    M!B ’2014 | 25.5.2014 @ 18:44

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