51E00500 Academic Skills

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  1. This was the first mandatory course (in addition to Management and International Business) that you take when starting your Masters studies in M&IB, and I took it in fall 2013. The purpose of this course is to get everyone on the same level in terms of writing and researching for information. However, to most of the students who had done Bachelor’s thesis (recently), this course was quite useless and boring. Also the fact that the course was thought by three different teachers (Carol Kiriakos, Saija Katila and Rebecca Piekkari) was confusing as their expectations especially about workload were different and this made the entire course quite incoherent. However, I greatly enjoyed Carol’s teaching style and some new ideas she gave us about writing styles (e.g. free writing practices). All in all the course focused on finding your own writing style, ”your voice” and thus, it required a lot of ”soul-searching”. This course will be improved for the year 2014, and hopefully it will be more useful for all the students, now it was mostly focused on the needs of the new Masters students.

    M!B ’14 | 25.5.2014 @ 19:15
  2. I took the course also in fall 2013. As the earlier commentor mentioned, the course consisted of three very varying parts (academic writing, theory of research, and philospohy) that were taught by different teachers. Even though it was quite repetitive after my recent B.Sc studies, I found this course to be helpful when taken just before course ”Doing Qualitative Research” which had very similar content in the area of theory of research.

    M!B ’14 | 25.5.2014 @ 19:58

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