47C58500 Prototyping and Implementation

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  1. This course is part of the ITP program’s SED subprogram. It was definitely my favorite class this summer. In this course you will learn the most important basics of design – which colors and fonts to use and what to consider when printing your work. You will learn to use programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. For me, this course was super fun. We had to deliver some work for this class, but it was all a great learning experience – the deliverables included a document spread in Indesign and a business card (you actually get 200 copies printed for yourself!). We also spent some time focusing on our team projects and the instructor gave us advice considering the design aspects of the projects. This course does require some work, especially if you haven’t used any of the aforementioned programs before. The instructions are fast, so you have to focus to get them all, but it pays off. I usually didn’t even notice the hours going by, cause that’s how fun it was for me. This is probably the most practical and useful class offered in the business school, especially if you’re into design.

    Sanna | 25.8.2014 @ 23:29
  2. This was the best. A lot of fun, practical things. During the summer I was always looking forward to this course (the 4 courses rotated every 1 week during the summer).

    We learned to design with different Adobe tools, got in touch with our creative sides, and got free business cards printed by the school.

    Mari | 29.9.2014 @ 13:17

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