47C58300 Strategic Design

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  1. Strategic Design was one of my favorite courses of the ITP program’s SED subprogram. The SED program in itself is super fun and useful and this is only one part of it. This course was taught by Antti Leino. He is an exceptionally good teacher – he teaches with fun examples and real life situations. We didn’t have any exams, essays or any of the normal deliverables. We focused on our ITP company project during the classes and made some presentations with our teams. The class work was fun and exciting, for example we got to spend some summer days outside observing people’s behavior. If you´re motivated and participate in your teamwork (as usually is the case if you’re in ITP), you’ll probably get a good grade from this class. So don’t worry about the grade or the workload and just enjoy the great class and the whole SED subprogram.

    Sanna | 25.8.2014 @ 23:21

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