Management of Technology 35C00400

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  1. Kauppiksen roskin kurssi. Innovaatiot ja teknologia on paras :DD (lue: gagsoispisde deedee) Sisältö 0/5, mutta helpoimmat 6 noppaa koskaan. Suosittelen jos Kela kuumottelee noppien suhteen.
    *drop the mic

  2. The easiest course that I had in my exchange. Entertaining and not difficult at all to get a good great.
    Try todothe assignments well and have a good grat in them.

  3. Interesting course and topic but sadly pdf material is pretty much useless and very confusing. Book is kinda ok but it should be shorten to 20-30 pages. Lectures are boring as hell. Boring stuff about innovation prosesses, performance etc in technology era.


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