37E00100 Information Economy

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  1. This course is pretty good. The professor is really interested about teaching and her field of study. The lectures are easy to follow and they have topical content. There was quite much quest lecturers, which most of them were good. There was quite much to write, because you had to make a summary of an article for each week and there were also other exercises. However, it was compensated because the exam counted only 30%.

    20% of the course grade came from ”lecture participation”, which was evaluated very randomly. The professors asked questions in 2 or 3 lectures and that counted the whole score for ”lecture participation”. It meant that if you missed these lectures or didn’t speak much you lost the whole grade. Otherwise grading was done in good way.

    Maisteriopiskelija | 21.5.2014 @ 11:35
  2. The teaching was very good and interactive, and the assignments were interesting. There were a lot of quite writing-heavy assignments, like a 5-7 page essay and 8 article reviews. Content of the course was quite interesting, however there is some overlap with other similar courses in the department. Grading was done fairly and I did not feel like points were deducted for no reason. However, grading of class participation could be improved because being active can be hard with 50+ students in the classroom. The exam was easy and if one did not read exam articles, max. of 6 points could be taken away, so would not recommend going through them since they are so hefty and complicated.

    Student | 12.5.2015 @ 16:09
  3. A good course. Gives you solid understanding about platform-based economy. A lot of written assignments and a couple of cases are done.

    Quite heavy workload if you want a 5. No calculations or software used in the course. Lecture attendance 50% – mandatory.

    A good course that is very useful for ISM-students and others interested in the topic.

    Thank you Virpi & team!

    Magister studenten | 5.4.2017 @ 14:25
  4. Kurssilla kiinnostava aihe ja paljon mielenkiintoisia artikkeleita, mutta työmäärä aivan kauhea. Kurssin aikana piti kirjoittaa 8 oppimispäiväkirjaa, 7 artikkelianalyysia, 2 casea ja vastata pariin tutkimukseen+ tentti.

    Finnish Flash | 9.4.2017 @ 10:38

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