Packaging and Warehousing Technologies 35E00700

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  1. It is a book exam. The list of books in Oodi looks very long but in fact some of them are just new versions of the old books and contain lots of same material. Skimming through is fast and the exam questions were on large areas and not very detailed information was needed. Haven’t received the grade yet so cannot tell you about evaluation but it seems like a really easy course.

    The exam on 8th May 2015 had the essay questions on the following themes:
    1. The packaging of microwaveable products (Robertson)
    2. Using the modified atmosphere materials in food packaging (Robertson)
    3. The picking strategies and equipment of warehouses (Richards)
    4a or 4b
    4a) The logistics of fresh food (Gustafsson)
    4b) Pakkaussuunnittelun vaiheet ( Järvi-Kääriäinen & Ollila)


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