35C00200 Purchasing and Supply Management

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  1. In general, this is an excellent course. It’s demanding, but it’s worth to invest your time.

    The lecturer, Dr. Katri Kauppi, has multiple teaching methods (lectures, podcasts, mini cases, purchasing game, etc.). Her pedagogic methods and skills are outstanding. Moreover, she does give constant and detailed feedbacks and comments during the course, so you know what you should do to improve your grades in the next exercises.

    I have to admit that the workload can be heavy from time to time. You will have plenty of articles to read, tons of case studies to do, and a lot of of lecture slides to review before the exam. But you will definitely get something out of it. The exam questions closely relate to the topics discussed in class. So if you show up and listen to the lecture, you definitely will do well in the exam.

    Tri Tran | 20.5.2014 @ 13:57
  2. For me this is one of the most satisfying course among Business Technology intermediate studies. Strongly recommended for both BT/ISM students and students of other majors as well because it can help you understand better the supply chain and logistics within a corporation. It is theoretical-oriented but also has a variety of hands-on assignments so that you can understand the big picture and develop your own thinking at the same time.

    It is not difficult to get high grades on the cases and assignments, which amount to 65% of total grade. You can easily get over 50 or something without much efforts. However the exam is quite a challenge given the amount of knowledge you have to learn. Try your best to present at all three the guest lectures because the questions about guest lectures are gonna be on the exam. When you review for exam, learn difficult terms like green logistics, maverick buying, e-RFI, e-RFQ, vendor managed inventory,… and get a big picture of major issues (service sourcing, e-sourcing, sustainable sourcing,etc.) . Then you are good to go.

    One example is the last exam question is to describe the Kraljic purchasing portfolio and how it relates to e-sourcing and sustainable sourcing.

    Phuong | 23.5.2014 @ 19:48

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