Distribution and Logistics Services 35C00100

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  1. Very professional lecturer with good english and a great sense of humor. Despite what ”Chilled MIB student” said about the cases, i thought they were very good. Calculating costs of different routes and transport modes as well as analysing reverse logistics is something that you don’t need nowadays? C’mon.

    Recommended if you need the basics of transport, 3pl and SCM.

  2. I did the course in Fall 2014 to start my minor studies for masters. My major is management and I didn’t have any other studies from the area than the basic course I did 3 years ago. The course seemed easy and ok interesting.

    The lectureslides and the cases were old as hell. Some cases were from the 1990(!!!) and atleast some slides were not updated since 2007 ( and they think this could be a forerunner university…) Seems that this course really needs an update – atleast for the Aalto colours on the slides and having cases from this century!

    The course and the exam was easy and didn’t require a lot of workload. I didn’t participate in the lectures and I do not think it was anyhow necessary. (Only the first ones to find a group).It was enough to read the lecture slides for the exam. The cases needed some looking into the articles of the course (7 in total). The book was usefull only if you didn’t understand something based on the lectureslides (=not necessary at all).

    Other things:
    + could choose your own group ( and also change it)
    + Marta, the assistant was nice writing feedback for the cases ( in general, not for the group’s own work)
    +Interesting guest lectures of Alko and Itella/ Posti ( though I only read the slides…)
    + Going into the subject & interesting hands on example of for example Incoterms trade agreements.

    The exams had first short explanations and then essays. Here’s the topics roughly.
    1st exam
    Explain: VAL, Multi echelon, cargo hub, 3pl & 4pl, Picker to part, EXW&FOB
    Determine the best transportation mode
    Outsourcing logistics

    2nd exam:
    Explain: CIF & DDP, Picker to Part, cost plus pricing, VAL center
    + briefly describe the challenges of reverse logistics
    The process of determining the right transportation mode
    What is the right distribution system for products in the mature and late part of their product life cycle.And what are the pros and cons (of this system)
    The EU’s white and green paper and the guidelines. What they include + give examples
    I recommend for everyone who is interested at all in the subject ( or just products or supply chains in general) and want’s easy credits. Participating not required but does have groupworks so nee


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