31E00510 History of Economic Thought

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  1. Very interesting course! Gave me a lot of insight into economics as a philosophy and as an evolving science, but not very much practical applications.

    Contains no theory or math, but instead takes a look at very different economists from the past.

    Exam 100%, based on a few lectures and the book (highly readable with some 450 pages). If the 3-hour lectures are not your thing, there is a useful 20-page summary, if you know where to ask.

    Juuso | 23.5.2014 @ 13:37
  2. The exam in May 2014 had three essay questions, and that’s it.The essays covered the following topics:
    1) Smith vs. Malthus on economic growth and population
    2) Marshall as an applied economist
    3) Keynes vs. Hayek on Great Depression (reasons and remedies)

    The book for the course is one of the best reads for any course so far, and it’s easy to skip the parts not covered in lectures (at least did me no harm). Reading the slides only should also be possible, even though book & lectures add quite some depth to them. There are also pretty good student-written summaries out there.

    Juuso | 18.7.2014 @ 09:53
  3. Exam questions (paraphrased) September 2014:
    1) Was Adam Smith an advocate of unlimited free markets?
    2) David Ricardo on free trade
    3) Keynes vs. Hayek on the Great Depression (causes and remedies)

    Highly recommendable, almost a must for economic majors! Very useful stuff on the very foundations of economic models and questions. Good background for Advanced Macro I. Good for others as well (and doable as well as no maths or formal models). Sandmo’s text book is excellent and Sutela is among the top lecturers at Aalto.

    Eero | 10.9.2014 @ 23:40
  4. Exam questions May 2015:

    1) Economics of Physiocrats
    2) JS Mill as a social reformer
    3) What did Keynes really mean?

    First exam had questions only on classics, i.e. Adam Smith, Malthus, theory of productive and unproductive labor etc.

    Gordon Gekko | 10.5.2015 @ 20:44

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