Mathematical Methods for Economists 30C00300

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  1. Tehty suomenkielinen versio. Paljon työtä mutta kannattaa käydä. Kun kurssitehtävät osaa, niin kokeessa menee hyvin.

  2. There are two versions of this course, the Finnish and the English version. It is my understanding that economics-majors usually take the Finnish version, while the English version attracts students from a broader range of disciplines, and is perhaps a bit easier. My experience is with the English version only.

    In spring 2015 this course was pretty bad because of some poor decisions regarding the practical arrangements (I ended up dropping out pretty quickly). I had to come back to try it in 2016, and I’m very glad that I did. There have been huge improvements in how the course is run, and I actually find the course very fun and engaging. The lecture group is very small, which creates a very interactive learning environment. Active participation in lectures and exercises is rewarded with bonus points to help you get a better grade, so if you come to all sessions you don’t have to be able to solve all exercises to get a good grade, because the bonus points make up for it. The exercise sets are by no means unreasonably difficult (I’m no math wiz).

    I think this course is a bit misleadingly named. I think a better name would be something like Essential Mathematical Tools for Quantitative Analysis. I strongly disagree with the first reviewer about who should be taking this course. If you plan to work with data in the future, you are doing yourself a huge disservice if you skip this course.


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