Fixed Income 28E00900

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  1. By far the best course I have taken in Aalto. The amount of knowledge and industry experience Prof. Suhonen has is absolutely stunning, and is reflected as a very professional and insightful touch in lecturing the course. If possible, reserve more time for this course than for the rest – you will get a lot more out of the course if you have the time to familiarize yourself with all the readings and relevant material on the subject, as FICC is in many ways quite different from what you will learn in other Finance courses, and it takes a while to get a hang of all the industry terms etc.

    The exercises and cases are challenging, i.e. there is not much building of routine, you will really have to pay careful attention when solving them. That said, if you do your work carefully, you should do well. Exam was one of the most demanding exams I have personally taken, with 7 questions covering a lot of the course material with no formulas presented. If you wish to do well, you need to know this stuff really well, there is not a lot of time to think in the exam. Only one student scored over 40 points from the exam, but earning extra points from case and market’s project is not hard if you put in a lot of effort, so getting the best grade isn’t impossible but takes a lot of work.


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