28E00600 Venture Capital

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  1. Kelly is an absolute joke of a professor, and there is no point in going listening to his useless ramblings during the so-called ”lectures”.
    However, with a manageable workload, this course will give you a guaranteed 4 or 5, if you need one. The professor probably doesn’t even read through the bullshit you return, and will hand out 4-5 regardless of the content.
    Recommended course for finance students needing an easy 6 ECTS.
    Others: nothing to see here, move on.

  2. Don’t get discouraged by last poster, you can easily score full marks from this course with very modest work load. Lectures are useless unless you are interested in entrepreneurship and want to listen to Kelly (he is entertaining and a very good speaker). Grading is based on one pagers based on mostly really old LBS cases (from 1990s or so), and you have to screw up in a spectacular fashion to get anything lower than 4. Cases themselves are sometimes quite challenging, but in-depth analysis is never required. I’d recommend this course only to students really interested in starting their own business and those who just want easy credits – there is much better courses you could be taking instead.


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