Capstone: Valuation 28C00500

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  1. Maybe the best B.Sc. finance course there is. Lectures mostly boring stuff but the weekly cases forced students to spend quite many hours in the Otaniemi Hub burning that midnight oil while learning something valuable about valuations!

    The cases built up quite nicely and gave good practice for the final assignment where you were supposed to build a valuation model on Konecranes ’ acquisition of Terex MHPS. Creating the model(s) takes up at least twice the amount of time you think beforehand so do invest time here.

    Eero retired so the rumor says that next year’s course will be slightly easier case-wise

  2. Definitely the B.Sc. finance course. Relatively high workload but actually the only course during which natural born investment bankers can actually learn something new.

  3. A tip for the exam: if there’s a question that requires the advanced decomposition of ROE and it is not worth many points, do it last! In spring 2015, this question was worth 2 points (out of 40 + 4 extra points of the exam) and it took me about an hour to do – should have skipped it.


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