27E02000 Models in Marketing

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  1. The course content was quite useful – or at least would have been if the course had been arranged well. What was different from the Database Marketing course is that in most of the cases you had to collect the data (design the surveys etc.) yourself, which actually helped understanding the themes.

    …However… Otherwise the course was close to a complete disaster. There were several instruction sheets for each assignment, all of them super messy, so that you had to look for a certain piece of information from everywhere. How awfully confusing.. The ”lab session” at the computer class weren’t used effectively as the teacher barely showed us what to do and then just let everyone figure out the programs by themselves. If you had questions you often, either, weren’t given any helpful advice or were basically dismissed. And it felt that the assignment just kept appearing from the bushes, so to say. Suddenly there was a deadline to meet in a few days, that nobody had been aware of..

    Can’t really recommend.

    Janna | 17.2.2015 @ 00:06
  2. I could only wonder why this course is almost compulsory in ISM program. First of all, the contents do not at all seem universal and do not develop much skills. Second, the course instruction was really poor, lectures were boring and messy and assignments instructions were misleading. For every assignment, the actual instructions were published many days after the outline so students could only wonder what they are supposed to do when the data is collected. The instructions were in 2 different files which did not at all facilitate understanding and learning.

    The exam was ok except for the fact that it was separately mentioned that TNS Gallup slides would not be included in the exam, and then there was a whole question about their database. This does not exactly facilitate learning and feeling of fairness. I was quite disappointed.

    Would not recommend this course. And also it definitely should not be compulsory.

    Student | 22.2.2015 @ 20:57
  3. This course is alright. It gives you an introduction to some marketing research tools and you get to play with SAS a bit. In this course very minimal math/stats is used, instead analysis software takes care of all that stuff. The focus is on designing the surveys and reporting the results based on software output. Assignments were extremely leniently graded, not hard to get max points.

    I didn’t experience any problems doing the assignments such as the previous two posters. Also you can do the assignments in pairs and it doesn’t seem to affect the length/depth requirements as opposed to doing them solo. The lectures were sometimes a bit boring but not so bad overall in my opinion, although some of the lecture slides feel like they should be updated. The teacher has a positive and student friendly attitude.

    RegMonkey | 15.2.2017 @ 19:34
  4. Kurssi oli ihan hyvä. Palautettaviin tehtäviin oli selkeät ohjeet ja opin käyttämään hyödyllisiä työkaluja esimerkiksi optimaaliseen hinnoitteluun markkinatutkimuksen avulla. Tentti oli helppo, mutta kurssin vetäjä antoi keskimääräiseksi arvosanaksi 1, ilmeisimmin liian hyvien arvosanojen pelossa.

    Finnish Flash | 9.4.2017 @ 10:35
  5. Luennot ovat tylsiä ja opetus takertelevaa. Luentojen esimerkit erittäin sekavia. Harjoitustehtäviin ohjeet tulevat useassa eri osassa, mutta niiden esimerkkiä seuraamalla harjoitustehävistä helpohkoa saada hyvät pisteet. Kurssilla käytettävät työkalut ovat hyödyllisiä. Kurssin loppua kohti asiat alkoivat lähentelemään tilastotiedettä, jota opettaja ei osannut yhtään opettaa, joten jos asioita ei jo valmiiksi osannut tai viitsinyt opetella itse, oli tentissä vaikeuksissa.

    Litti | 10.12.2018 @ 16:55

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