27C01000 Tools for Business Decisions 1

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  1. It’s a great course. It will equip you with basic knowledge of management science and is a good start for those who interest in this particular area. The lecturer, Prof. Wallenius, is really knowledgable, helpful, and friendly.

    During the course, there will be many quizzes to encourage you to show up. I personally like this arrangement since it helps me to review what I have learned continuously. As a result, it took me no time to prepare for the final exam. But yeah, I agree that it is really hard to show up at 9am for the quizzes. 😀

    The workload is moderate. If you have good mathematical background, it then becomes easy. But if you don’t, you can refer to the text book. It is pretty well-written. The concepts discussed in the course are not that complicated but they surely are useful for your future academic careers.

    Tri Tran | 20.5.2014 @ 14:09
  2. Like stated above, the concepts are not difficult, but seem to be very useful. Easy course, not a lot of work required for a good grade.

    #linearprogramming | 19.2.2015 @ 18:17

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