26E99901 Master’s Thesis

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  1. Master’s Thesis seminar (26E99902) consisted of two seminar sessions and one progress session a couple of months later (V period, Spring 2014). First sessions covered mainly the process of thesis writing in theory and the most common stumbling blocks, and what makes a good thesis as in how the thesis is finally evaluated. Only one assignment was returned during the actual course (evaluating a previous thesis, as in the course Yritysviestinnän perusteet) and the second (preparing a research plan) for the first supervisor meeting. Attendance was mandatory but one absence was allowed if 5 instead of 1 previous theses were evaluated for the first assignment. During the progress seminar everyone presented their current progress, and others gave written feedback.

    Before enrolling to the course one was expected to have a preliminary subject for the thesis as the supervisor’s were named based on this information. Otherwise people were in very varying states with their theses, some almost finished and some in the very beginning.

    M!B ’14 | 18.5.2014 @ 16:03

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