26E03400 People Management in Multinational Organizations

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  1. I took this course in spring 2014. This course dives into people management issues in global context. It covers the theories of basic IB and HR issues and really helps to see how they can be applied to business cases and how practical they can be in understanding complex situations. The course didn’t have mandatory attendance but most of the work was done during the lectures so missing more than one lecture would hurt your grade quite a lot. In addition to work done in lectures, there was a portfolio to be done, but it wasnt’s too much work. The teacher, Kristiina Mäkelä, clearly enjoys teaching and strives to develop the course to be as good as possible, and in my honest opinion, does very good job in that. The content of lectures varies and students are expected to participate actively making lectures interesting. There were also many high profile guest speakers (we had Alexander Stubb) who brought great insights to the topics discussed. Absolutely one of the best and definitely the most well planned course of my Master’s studies.

    M!B ’14 | 21.5.2014 @ 20:02
  2. I also took this course in spring 2014. Despite of my first reaction to Kristiina Mäkelä’s very intensive teaching style, eventually all the hard work and challenging yourself paid off and increased our learning, which was the purpose behind everything she did. The course workload included writing two reading assignments either individually or in small groups, 5 case assignments that we did in class in randomly selected groups, and a portfolio with a good number of different assignments that we handed in by the end of the period. Depending on how well you wanted to do with the course, the portfolio assignments can take quite a while to finish, so do start in time. One of the highlights of the course was the great number of (good) guest speakers, especially the two ’power-couples’: Alexander Stubb and Suzanne Innes-Stubb as well as Pertti and Hille Korhonen (the CEOs of Outotec and Alko, respectively). Kristiina’s course was definitely one of the most clearly-structured, well-organized and interesting course that I have taken in a while.

    M!B ’14 | 25.5.2014 @ 11:15

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