25E31000 Entrepreneurship and Managing Innovations

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  1. This is literally the worst course in Aalto. Do not take it!!!

    The teaching of this course is certainly not Aalto-standard! It is a pure outrage that this course is even offered in one of Finland’s top Universities. It is a disgrace to our Uni.

    This course is a definiton of disorganization and lack of common thread. No one in the course actually knew what the learning objectives were and for Christ sake we did not even know what was going on in the lectures since the teacher’s English was so poor and he did not have any structure for the lectures. Sometimes he was just aimlessly browsing through his own research, which I still have no idea what it was about, and one lecture we found ourselves listening to 80-year-olds talk about the Finnish war. Err?

    I can’t even describe how bad this course was, you just have to experience it yourself. Whatever happened in the lectures, it certainly had NOTHING to do with entrepreneurship and managing innovations.

    All we had to do was basically a big presentation of a company of our choice. And when asked about the structure of the presentation and basically what the teacher expected from us, he just would not answer. Everyone literally tried to ask him like 5 times with different approaches, what are we actually supposed to do and he would just sneer. Once he suggested that we could visit Patentti and Rekisterihallinto, and when we asked what should we do there he did not know.

    AALTO staff, please go and observe these lectures, they are certainly not Aalto standard and for a topic like this, the course should be inspiring and exciting with present-day materials and topics! As it is, this course is a pure waste of time.


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