23E52050 Managing Innovative Sales

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  1. I took this course in fall 2013 and during thet time half of the lectures were held in Otaniemi as about half of the students are from there. This may cause some inconvience with the commuting, especially if you have lectures in Töölö before or after these lectures or if you work. The lectures were interesting and well planned and I found them useful for the course. Groupworks require work and thinking but are well planned and interesting.

    The course is demandng (but not too demanding) and it taught me a lot. A useful course for everyone.

    Acti | 25.5.2014 @ 22:06
  2. The course is very useful because sales is important. What I didn’t enjoy is the exam questions, very specific and requires students to memorise stuff. Professors should provide comprehensive summaries if they require students to memorise stuff. I was sick during the exam and I didn’t even want to redo it because I was not going to spend that much time after doing all the assignment and so on. I decided to drop the course from my study plan.

    Walid El Cheikh | 25.5.2014 @ 22:56

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