22E25000 Accounting for Management Control

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  1. Course taken in fall 2016

    The fall 2013 comment is still valid. The cases make 30% of the grade, term paper 20% and the exam 50%. The exam is the same. I suggest reading the articles and term papers to the exam. I didn’t find the course book that useful.

    Few exam tips (atleast asked in 2016):
    1) Three reasons why there are need for controls and what problems do these reasons create (from the book)
    2) Transfer pricing
    3) Melnyk The Performance Alignment Matrix (from article)
    4) Differences between strategic bsc and kpi bsc or
    5) How to make a strategic map and how to implement it
    6) Why EVA is better than ROI

    asd | 29.3.2017 @ 20:59
  2. Course taken fall 2017

    Very easy, but not really a useful course. Learned nothing new. Exam 50%, cases 50%. You got the case points just by showing up on the lectures. New lecturer, did not speak English that well.

    Exam questions:
    1) Briefly explain results, action and personnel/cultural controls (from the book)
    2) Name good characteristics of a management control system
    3) Strategic use of ABC, based on case Wisa Paper
    4) Strategic use of non-financial measures, based on KCI case
    5) Short essay on Malmi´s and Brown´s framework (article)

    MCS | 24.10.2017 @ 18:08
  3. Kurssi käyty syksyllä 2017. Malmin sijaan kurssin veti joku kundi Seinäjoen AMK:sta ja sen kyllä huomasi. Caseista sai täydet pisteet tulemalla paikalle ja laittamalla nimen listaan. Tentissä 1 käsitteenmäärittely, 2 kyssäriä kurssin caseista ja 2 yleisempää essee-kysymystä. Malmin aikaan kurssi ollut kuulemma työläs mutta opettavainen. 2017 syksyllä kurssi ei ollut kumpaakaan.

    Camel | 12.1.2018 @ 15:23

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