22E13000 Accounting as Social and Institutional Practice

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  1. I took this course in the fall 2013 and lecturers were Juhani Vaivio and Terhi Chakhovich.
    In my opinion the course was completely different from any other accounting course that I have taken so far and I mean in a really good way. We only had about 15 students in the course and these students were divided in groups of 3 or 4. Before every lecture we had to meet with our group and discuss about 2 articles that were assigned for the next lecture. In the lecture we discussed and argued about main themes of different articles and the teachers were acting more as guides through the main points and students really had the opportunity to challenge themselves and give their own opinions regarding the articles. Lot of students’ own experience (for example in work life) was shared and it helped to create a comprehensive understanding about the subjects we were talking about.

    We had to write two assignments about 2 articles (approximately 2-3 pages) which were graded pass/fail. The grade was constructed 50% by class participation and 50% by the final exam which included couple of essay questions.

    The topics were in my opinion extremely interesting for example how accounting is connected with much broader social and managerial issues. If you want to participate in interesting discussion (sometimes debates) about management accounting issues and develop your critical thinking, I would highly recommend this course for you.

    Akkounting | 21.5.2014 @ 00:10

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