22E10000 Strategic Management Accounting

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  1. I took the course in the fall 2013. The lecturer is very strict about the attendance: if you’re not able to attend every single lecture, there’s no way you can pass the course. There are a set of articles (5-8) to read for each of the lectures, and the lectures basically consist of the presentations of the articles by the groups and discussion afterwards. In 2013, one group made a presentation for every second lecture but had to write an essay for each class anyhow, everybody was supposed to read all the articles.

    The essays and the presentations make the workload during the course pretty high, but the exam was fair enough. It consisted of essays regarding the articles.

    A very big default of the course was that we didn’t get grades or evaluation of any kind for the essays before (or after) the exam, the only feedback you got was the grade on Oodi.

    Hint: create a mutual dropbox folder for the essays and share them with the whole class, it makes everybody’s life easier to read the essays instead of all the articles.

    09laskis | 16.5.2014 @ 14:35
  2. I also took the course during the fall 2013. The course is indeed quite much work because of all the articles and therefore sharing the essays is a good idea. The professor Juhani Vaivio is strict about the attendance and also lectures with his own style, which I found personally very refreshing. He also gives constructive feedback from the presentations, but like mentioned in the earlier comment, no evaluation is provided from any essays or class participation.

    The exam had 4 questions and 3 needed to be answered. You needed to summarize the main points of the articles and give “case solutions” in some questions.

    Despite the workload and the lack of detailed evaluation I liked the course and I would recommend it. It covered some of the strategic management topics very well.

    Ode | 25.5.2014 @ 23:50

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