Financial Statement Analysis 22E00100

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  1. Exam 26.10.2016
    1. Six relatively easy true/false questions with possibility to either gain or lose 5p/question
    2. Calculate ROE and ROCE from Kone statements (appendix). Their own numbers were given and one needed to match those (and find the formulas used)
    3. Fulfill unfinished I/S, calculate FCF and finally the company valuation.

    The course itself was really easy, especially if one has experience on valuation. No hard job to get a good grade with really minor effort

  2. Lectured in spring 2016 by a new lecturer that didn’t know the slides or the subject matter that well.

    The subjects themselves are laskentatoimen perusteet -type of stuff, easy peasy things you should know by now. If you have to look at financial statements or do industry analysis, the stuff on this course is mandatory, yet quite easy.


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