21E10000 How to change the world: Innovation toward sustainability

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  1. I took the course in spring 2014. The course consisted of mandatory lectures with many guest speakers, which made it worthwhile to attend the classes. Because of the vastness of the topic, there were no ’red line’ to follow and the focus was more on generating discussion on various topics (from degrowth to innovative solutions to poverty alleviation and from social entrepreneurship to ecological carrying capacity/eco-efficiency). The work load included keeping a ’happiness and trash’ journal, in which we would write on a daily basis what made us happy on that day, and also what piece of trash we had collected away from the streets. This task was more of a thought-provoking than anything else. Other tasks included reading at least one of the recommended books and presenting your findings in a ’book corner’ meeting with the other students. During the entire course we were also working on small teams on a social enterprise project which we presented two weeks after the course had ended. I felt that having the presentations only after the end of the course caused a lot of challenges as everyone had their next courses to work for. Also the directions for this social enterprise project were quite unclear and we didn’t really know what was expected. All in all, the course was enjoyable and the topics were interesting, but the arrangements and directions on each task could have been clearer. The teacher Minna Halme showed that she has broad knowledge about both social and environmental sustainability issues, but she was sometimes quite unorganized. Nevertheless, I learned a lot and was introduced to many environmentally conscious companies, both in Finland and abroad.

    M!B ’14 | 21.5.2014 @ 21:47

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