Responsibility Management, book exam 21E06050

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  1. I took the course/exam in summer 2016 to get the last credits for my degree. There were 4 books, and 1 question/book. The questions were quite specific and detailed, and didn’t necessarily focus on the main research questions/topics of the book even though they were of course related to the most central concepts (i.e. Epstein’s book focuses on social, environmental and financial gains & implementation, and the exam question was about legal and operational benefits of audits). Most of the books are not available in ebooks, which made it harder to get a hold on all of the 4 books. Not very interesting (unless you’re really into the topic) nor very easy.

  2. There was 1 question per each book and passing each question was required. 3 of the questions were general and you just needed to understand the main idea of those books to be able to answer. The last question was very specific, and required memorizing specifically one small area of the book. This was not the easiest book exam.


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