21E00013 Capstone: Workshop on Innovating Management

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  1. An excellent course to management practices and their development held by Liisa Välikangas (V period, Spring 2014). The course was taught from very practical viewpoint and it strived for gathering the group’s previous learnings and insights together. Learning was enhanced mainly by pair/group discussion, group work, interviews shown during the classes, and visiting lecturers. The course assignments consisted of weekly reflection essays (4) and one final, slightly wider, reflection essay on the management practices in the future. Besides, certain reflections were given as homework for some of the lectures (clearly marked in the Curriculum in beforehand). The difficulty of the course was mainly connected to the in-depth consideration on the issue that it required instead of the actual workload. The course had mandatory attendance.

    M!B ’14 | 18.5.2014 @ 15:49
  2. I took this course in spring 2014. Although it is a Capstone course, it was not as time consuming as I had expected. The workload included writing ’essentials’-reflection papers for each class, a group presentation on selected management innovation issue, and an essay to be handed in the end of the course. The course had mandatory attendance, but it was justified, as the majority of the lectures consisted of group discussions and guest speakers. Liisa Välikangas was good at sparking conversation within the students and going through our perceptions one group at a time was really interesting, albeit a little time consuming sometimes. The guest speakers were very experienced and interesting, and provided even more first hand business perspective to the course content. This is definitely a course that ties together your previous knowledge and learning; it does not discuss theoretical frameworks but focuses more on the practical issues and real business cases around the topic of innovating management. The focus of the discussion is in the future, not in the past, and thus you are expected to be innovative 🙂

    M!B ’14 | 21.5.2014 @ 20:49

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