21E00011 Doing Qualitative Research

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    Very useful for the thesis project. The topics/contents of the course are maybe not that interesting for everyone (unless you’re planning an academic career for yourself)… but surprisingly the course was quite a pleasant experience after all. The course structure worked well in a sense that all of the issues/lectures were kind of connected to each other and the lecturer (James) was nice and he had a good sense of humor and he made the course topics sound interesting.

    The teacher had quite strict rules; e.g. if you’re late you won’t get in before the break. 1-2 absences for good reasons.

    I recommend you take this course before writing your thesis. And it’s good (but not necessary) if you have a thesis topic in mind already. You will write a methodological essay, and if you have topic already, you can use the essay as the methodology section of your thesis.

    Two group works (and presentations). Those included field work, that made the group works more interesting.

    No final exam. However, there was a small (surprise) test (pistokoe) that was ~5% of your final grade. So you better be awake on the lectures or read the slides afterwards.

    M!B | 18.5.2014 @ 16:41
  2. I attended the course in Fall 2013 (II period, Collins) right after the course Academic Skills. For that reason I found the content of the course quite repetitive in regards to the previous one – which was certainly an advantage in the surprise test, in which various concepts were asked to be defined/explained. I also agree that it’s better to attend this course before embarking the thesis project instead of attending the course afterwards.

    Besides attending the lectures, taking the surprise test and preparing the group work/presentations, one final essay was to be written. The essay was actually a full methodology section for thesis – which is why it is recommendable to have at least a preliminary idea on one’s thesis subject in beforehand.

    M!B ’14 | 18.5.2014 @ 17:02
  3. Quite a lot of deliverables, but managable. The short deliverables for classes are easy, and the long one at the end is useful because you can actually use that in your thesis as the methodolody. So strongly suggested to those who are in the process of writing their thesis with a qualitative research.

    M!B ’14 | 22.5.2014 @ 09:57

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