EnerKY, KY´s sports tutor committee is now looking for new members!

EnerKY is composed of KY’s sport tutors, who – with the help of the KY board member responsible for sports and wellbeing – cooperate with AYY and Unisport. EnerKY’s mission is to inspire KY members to try new sports and to have fun together while staying active.This small but effective group works together seamlessly, coming up with plenty of new ideas to get students moving.

The sports activities that EnerKY organizes are usually very low-effort and low-cost. In the past the team has arranged, e.g. weekly running meetings (LenkKY), crossfit, pole dancing and climbing experimentations as well as floorball games. Would you have an idea what next? Do you have what it takes to bring more energy to the KY community and encourage others to move and be more mindful of their wellbeing? Are you interested in getting familiar with new sports and people?

What does being a part of enerKY require? Excitement, imagination, and energy. enerKY is an important part of KY’s operations without strict rules or weekly meetings. Members of enerKY work with the Sports sector with the aim of lowering the barrier to participate in KY’s sports activities.

Now if you notice your mind to be full of ideas of new sports from low barrier to even more extreme ones, click APPLY!  KY needs people just like you. Not professional sports instructors, but those who will encourage others to do sports by making the barrier, as well as the price, as low as possible. It’s that simple. You will get to enjoy the benefits of your work as well as the positive enerKY brings into your own life!

“I joined enerKY because I had noticed that after high school I was not able to play all different games I used to play just for fun and there was no easy-to-go trainings available just for trying some sports. With enerKY community we can take students with us to play floorball, football and volleyball at anytime. We can arrange martial arts tryouts as we did with thai boxing. And I also found myself from pole dance class, which was not likely to happen without enerKY. All exercises we arrange are cost-efficient for students which makes it even more valuable to have this kind of committee at KY!”

Katriina, member of enerKY

“Being enerKY’s sports tutor has enabled me to try all those sports I’ve always wanted (like paintball, wallclimbing etc), but also it has given me the opportunity to get to know students outside my own major or even outside business school. I’ve had a lot of fun in organizing sporting events and it’s been really rewarding to see that there is a lot of interest in our events. Being one of the organizers of the weekly runs has also pushed me to exercise even sometimes when I’m not in the mood to do sports, so being part of enerKY has also encouraged me to move more. Finally, I’ve enjoyed planning and organizing events with like-minded fellow sports tutors, we have had a great team and I’m sure it’ll continue to be that also in the future. “ 

Karoliina, member of enerKY

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