KY Representative Council

The highest power at KY is held by the representative council, which decides what KY does and looks like now and in the future. The council consists of 21 members and 42 deputy members. They are ranked in order of the amount of votes each of them received. The term of current representative council started in December 2015 and ends in December 2017.

The council meets approximately once per month on average during semesters and in between the meetings the members can participate in various working groups which direct the activities of KY. The representative council elects the chairman as well as the vice chairman, for a year at a time. The chairman of the representative council does not have to be a member of the council but he/she has not a right to vote in the council meetings.


Duties of the representative council

  •       Decide the guiding principles of KY’s organizational and financial activities as well as the corresponding principles of any companies owned by KY
  •       Confirm the yearly plan of activities and budget
  •       Discuss the annual report and decide about the approval of the financial statement and granting of freedom from responsibility to the previous board
  •       Decide about the establishment and disestablishment of permanent positions
  •       Decide about the establishment and disestablishment of various working groups and standing committees
  •       Choose the chairperson of the board as well as other board members and has the power to dismiss them
  •       Choose and dismiss the secretary-general and confirms his/her sphere of duties
  •       Decide about significant relinquishing or fixing of KY’s property
  •       Decide about decisions regarding the obtaining, relinquishing or fixing of property in cases that have been brought for the council to decide


Chairman of the Representative Council: Juho Paavola

Vice Chairman of the Representative Council: Henrik Kekarainen

If a person is a member of the executive board of KY, KY secretary or KY Foundation board she/he is incapable to work at the representative council. These persons are marked with a star (*) on the list below.

Representative council members

Kaisa Talvitie*



Egzon Delija,

Antti Korpelainen


Oliver Rotko,


Eeva Hietamä

Rosa Nylé

Miro Arola


Juho Paavola (Chairman),




Minttu Bergendahl


Pauliina Holm,


Representative council deputy members


Maija Kirveennummi*

Roope Lääkkölä

Aleksi Pajunen

Joel-Oskar Räisä

Lotta Mäki


Jyri Heimo*




Tommi Kuokkanen

Joona Orpana

Salla Haaparanta,

Touko Aroheikki*

Jenni Haavisto

Kaisa Mäkikangas

Eero Mä

Topi Soivio

Aapo Petäjäniemi

Viljami Väisä


Taneli Kontiainen*,

Matti Talvela,

Tatu Peltonen




Kalle Vainikainen

Kalle Pirinen*

Emma Mieskonen*

Siiri Kihlströ

Esa Salomaa

Henrik Kekarainen (Vice Chairman)

Teemu Riipi

Iina Ryhänen,