Scholarships and awards

The aim of the foundation’s scholarships is to support students both successful in their studies at the Aalto University School of Business and active in extra-curricular activities within KY’s student organizations.


Scholarships are rewarded chiefly to those studying for Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in business. Scholarships are given out according to study year and the maximum number of recipients is four people per application class. A scholarship may only be granted once for each person.

The next application period for scholarships opens in February 2018.

Academic awards

Academic awards are granted to those graduated from the Aalto University School of Business with outstanding marks (graded as 5) on their master’s thesis. Recipients must have participated in student organization activities during their study years.

The application period for academic awards is now open. The period will close on the 12th of January 2018.

Community award

The Community Award is aimed to increase the community spirit within the business students in Aalto University by awarding students or student groups for outstanding projects and actions, which have had a positive effect on students’ communal spirit.

The applying for the award functions by reporting fellow students’ spectacular projects and actions. Any business student in Aalto University can report the action of other Aalto University business student or student group.

The application period is open continuously.

The award committee of KY Association processes the received reports annually in December and suggests the Award(s) to the Foundations board to be decided upon. The Community Award(s) are published and announced in the Annual Ball of KY in February.