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KY office closed 8.1.-10.1.

KY office will be closed next week from Monday to Wednesday (January 8th to January 10th). We will be open again on Thursday, January 11th at 13-17 (Espilä). Please note...

KY committees 2018

KY committees for the year 2018 have been elected. Congratulations for all the new committee members! Next year will be spectacular! Academic Affairs Committee, KOVA (Ella Oksala) Leena Tasala Saku Haataja ...

KY office hours this week

KY office will be closed this week on Wednesday, December the 6th and Friday, December the 8th. We will serve you normally today and on Thursday from 13 to 17 at...

SHN 4/2017 Kutsu hallintoneuvoston kokoukseen ti 5.12. klo 17.00

SHN 4/2017 KUTSU HALLINTONEUVOSTON KOKOUKSEEN Aika: Tiistai 5.12.2017 klo 17.00 Paikka: Alakertsi, KY-talo (Pohjoinen rautatiekatu 21 B, 00100 Helsinki) Esityslista: 1.       KOKOUKSEN AVAUS 2.       KOKOUKSEN LAILLISUUDEN TOTEAMINEN 3.       KOKOUKSEN PÄÄTÖSVALTAISUUDEN TOTEAMINEN 3.1.     Esteellisten ja eronneiden toteaminen 3.2.     Esteen...

Years in the Board of KY Foundation

The application period for student members of the Board at KY Foundation ends tomorrow on November 30th at 16! You still have time to send your application to hallitusvalinta@kyweb.fi. Check...